Kay Dolezal

I was drawn to make art though the fiber arts, and wound up in love with beadwork which I discovered in 1995. At first, I made jewelry with beads. But then I learned stitches which could be used to make statements with words and images and could even build objects as well as creating textiles. The political situation in our country at that time – the 1990’s and since then, provided me with much inspiration. Some excellent books were also written during the 1990’s and early in the 21st century and I think I have every one.

When the Time Project began in 2009, I was delighted to join. It has supported me in my beadwork, but also offered me ongoing stimulation to try other media such as photography, origami, poetry. Sometimes it has involved actual collaboration, but mostly it has been our monthly get-togethers where we saw and talked about what we were up to and became friends in the process. Thankfully we have continued during the pandemic, although meeting via Zoom is not as much fun.

Before that my primary sources of instruction/inspiration were courses at Haystack Mountain School of Crafts, classes and a residency at Worcester Center for Crafts and those excellent books. I have shown my work at art centers and taken part in various craft shows. My website is http://www.kaydolezal.com