The Time Project

Plum Kennard

I have been floating through this world for a long while.
It might be time to acknowledge that I’ll probably never settle into one solid being.
I’m pretty sure that’s okay.

Many things catch my attention; all perceived through my senses and a heart full of tenderness, grief, loss, ridiculous happiness, regret, joy, passion, loneliness, sorrow…
When I’m in the right space internally, being creative comes easily.
When I’m feeling disconnected & not creative, it’s painful, but I always know it will come back.
I’ve never identified as anything other than as an artist.

I’ve had lots schooling, Tyler School of Art (just one year), University of Connecticut (completed double major in Clay & Painting), Mass College of Art (graduated with a major in Illustration & three minors: Animation, Calligraphy & Metals) and still ended up with just a BFA!
‘Went to Penland School of Crafts for weaving & have studied a little lamp-working & stained glass.

Right now my artwork is the most sustaining it’s ever been & I’m grateful.