Women Walking

This year The Time Project is participating in the Studio Without Walls exhibition, The Ground We Walk

May 28-September 4, 2022 at Riverway Park in Brookline

Preliminary sketch of the installation by Tamar Etingen, including pieces from each of the ten Time Project artists.

Our piece is an expression and celebration of the unique creative community created over many years. It is about deep connection in support of the creative spirit. (Sandie Fenton)

Watch a video by Marnie Sinclair about the making of Women Walking.

Each of the Time Project artists designed and built an element of Women Walking.

Kay Dolezal: Women Walking

glass beads, metal disc and metal spatter shield, nylon beading thread.

Tamar Etingen: Botanical/Biological Force

Hand-formed oxidized copper in an abstract female form

Copper and steel

Sandie Fenton: For Those Who chose a Different Path

I have been writing a journal/memoir for the past 17 years and, among other things, have recorded stories and wild tales, some probably true and others, hopefully not, that have emerged from researching my family roots. This piece is about celebrating the spirit of those unique souls, often unsung heroes and heroines, who show up in a generation and who choose a different path than the one walked upon by others of their time. Such choices can pass on to the next generation and can change the trajectory of lives to come.

Steel, aluminum, anodized aluminum, handmade and handprinted papers, paint, rivets. 40″X 21″

Beatrice Greene: Remember

Through our stories and rootedness in nature, we women can bring new life to each other, and the global community.

Marker on steel

Ruth Ginsberg-Place: How to Experience the Earth

galvanized steel, parachute cord, copper and aluminum wire, nylon monofilament, acrylic paint

joan schwartz: Women Weaving

with deep gratitude to the women who showed me how to see beauty and gave me the tools to bring it into being… who taught me about color and form, texture and rhythm, the magic of words and images and what it means to be human and to walk with love on this earth.

steel rings, yarn spun from recycled silk saris, photographs on vellum, acrylic frames, silver mylar tape, wire

Marnie Sinclair: Mycelium Connectors

Two similar root balls and a toad stool hanging between them, each root ball connected by wire mycelium emanating from the toad stool.

Metal discs, copper sheeting, metal ring, wire, paint

Rachel Wood: May we each radiate light for the benefit of all